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Homapal - Materialising sustainability

Homapal - Materialising sustainability

Sustainability - our contribution for a better future!

In 2019, Homapal joined Broadview, a Netherlands-based company and leader in sustainability in the decorative materials market. The acquisition by Broadview has raised the bar for sustainability expectations and provided access to tools and technologies to accelerate Homapal’s sustainability improvement trajectory. 

The company has already attached great importance to the careful use of its resources in the past. This affected all areas of the company. One example is energy consumption. Thanks to a large number of implemented projects, consumption was reduced by 13% (energy) in the period from 2012 to 2020. 
The next step in Homapal’s Sustainability journey is a higher level of transparency – proactively communicating our environmental impact data and our plans for improving it in the future. To do that, we will publish an annual Sustainability Position Paper that will detail our journey to reduce emissions in Homapal facilities and develop offset projects that help reduce or capture carbon emissions in the broader environment.

Our overall Philosophy 

Homapal’s sustainability policy is built upon a basic motivation to shift from ”being less bad” for the environment to being ”good” and having a positive impact on the world around us. This approach has three stages:

1. Do no harm 

We will seek opportunities to minimise the environmental impact in all of our operations and products.

2. Do good 

Homapal will support its suppliers and customers in realising their sustainability challenges. We will continue to look for opportunities and initiatives to support and promote longer-term sustainability beyond the direct scope of our current operations.

3.  Do better 

Homapal believes that investing in sustainability is beneficial to the overall environment and to the long-term health of our business. Many sustainability challenges constitute good business opportunities that support our customers while continuing to allow the company to thrive.
You are interested in learning more about our strategies and aims regarding sustainability?

You are interested in learning more about our strategies and aims regarding sustainability?
Read our sustainability report 2023



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