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Technical datasheets HOMAPAL® laminates

This information is based on our current knowledge and experience. However, the user must satisfy himself as to the suitability of the product for its intended use.

For any further guidance please contact our technical department.

SRM Decors:

HOMAPAL® SRM Scratch Resistant Matt Metal

 Leuco Processing Instructions for Homapal SRM Scratch Resistant Matt Metal

Alu Polished Decors: 

HOMAPAL® Alu Polished

HOMAPAL® Alu Polished Lava

HOMAPAL® Alu Polished Crossline

HOMAPAL® Alu Polished Cella

HOMAPAL® Alu Polished Cascade


Alu Brushed Decors: 

HOMAPAL® Alu Brushed

HOMAPAL® Alu Brushed Sapphire


Technical data sheets - Copper Decors: