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HOMAPAL - a company which represents the “Made in Germany” product culture.

Keeping the focus on customers and market demands HOMAPAL has developed from a specialist in laminates with real metal surfaces to one of the leading global manufacturers of special laminates (HPL). Thanks to our ranges Metal, Veneer, Leather and Magnetic Boards which are continuously developed and adapted in line with the latest market trends, our solutions offer almost unlimited scope for creativity and customization.
HOMAPAL laminates are used both in mass-produced furniture and public settings - in hotels and bars, on cruise ships and in clubs, in restaurants and in shops - essentially wherever interior vertical surfaces are to be enhanced.


HOMAPAL SRM Scratch Resistant Matt - SRM 401/200 Copper Crush SRM
Table, counter and furniture are highly frequented areas in the restaurant "Alte Post" in Niedergörsdorf and should be designed with genuine metals. 
SRM Scratch Resistant Matt, the new, innovative and scratch-resistant surface with anti-fingerprint properties offered the perfect solution. 

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New Designs 2023
Discover a variety of new designs from Metal, Magnetic Boards and HOMAPAL SRM: the new highly scratch-proof matt surface with antifingerprint finish.

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Homapal goes horizontal...
SRM - Scratch resistant Matt - highly scratch proof matt surface with antifingerprint finish

 At the Euroshop from 16th to 20th February 2020 in Düsseldorf, HOMAPAL presented not only an updated collection  but also an innovative special matt surface with anti-fingerprint properties which is highly resistant to scratching and is suitable for horizontal use. It can be found on selected aluminium, copper and brass decors in various structures and colours as well as on magnetic boards in solid colours. Whereas the use of HOMAPAL laminates was previously restricted exclusively to vertical applications, this surface offers a variety of new exclusive applications for architects and planners. 

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Magnetic boards in new trend colours

Magnetic boards: the perfect symbioses of functionality and design. The magnetic boards in the Homapal range play in a similar league alongside the real metal coated laminates. Thanks to an iron foil which is embedded in the laminate, not only papers and utensils can be fixed in place, but also heavier magnetic racks or modular system rails.

The 2023 collection, remodelled and harmonised by the designers, contains 3 new trendy colours either with boardmarker or chalk function. Curry, applegreen and wine red and apple green complement the trend colours.