Copper splendour at the eventlocation Edelfettwerk: HOMAPAL's metal decor reinvigorates Hamburg's historic industrial loft


The factory that once manufactured fats and greases in the 1930s plays today host to slick parties. Hamburg’s Edelfettwerk on Schnackenburgallee has kept both the name (it literally translates as ‘fine fat-processing factory’) and character of the original factory. The 6,000 sqm premises have been transformed into a modern, industrial-style venue for private and public events. And when fitting out the interior, cabinetmaking firm ‘uniQ’ used real metal surfaces produced by Homapal.

“The Edelfettwerk in Eidelstedt boasts a genuine industrial look and fine design”, wrote the Hamburger Abendblatt on 2nd June 2016. Two years later, in keeping with this approach, cabinetmaking firm ‘uniQ’ also took charge of transforming the factory’s former laboratory into a stylish party lounge. In doing so, Richard Kommorowski and Stephan Roterberg geared their focus around their own high standards of solid craftsmanship and sophisticated interior fittings. It was the first time the two Hamburg natives had worked on a public project, having previously only ever created customised unique pieces for private customers.

“As an impressive part of Hamburg’s industrial culture, the Edelfettwerk required a different interior-design approach compared to what we had done in our previous private projects”, says Stephan Roterberg, who notes how futuristic everything in the old factory looks. He also adds that the materials used at an event venue are exposed to different forms of wear and tear to household furniture, which is why the cabinetmakers opted for an authentic metal surface by Homapal.

For the Edelfettwerk’s former laboratory, where research used to be performed and the purity of fats assessed, uniQ designed a counter tailored to the L-shaped space, complete with buffet on the rear side. Homapal’s shiny, metallic decor “630 copper black patinated” not only gives the rear wall a classy look; it also becomes part of an interestingly illuminated interplay between the lighting and displays in the various sections. Meanwhile, open and closed cubes of various sizes conceal the bare walls and exhaust system. The carcass depth increases with height, giving the impression that the rear wall is inclining forwards.

The cabinetmakers manufactured more than 40 sqm of the authentic metal finish, which was produced through a special embossing process and then refined by hand. The laminate is suitable for these premises. It is flame resistant and virtually emission-free, and creates a sophisticated look when coupled with the drinks, glasses and bar utensils stored in the cubes.

High walls using old brickwork, illuminated glass-block walls, transparent gauze on the façade, an old production boiler, steel sliding doors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and industrial-style materials are all elements that ensured that the Edelfettwerk was able to retain the architectural character of the old factory building.

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