Euroshop 2023 - Real metal surfaces for sophisticated interior designs


EuroShop 2023, Düsseldorf, February 26 – March 02

EuroShop 2023, Düsseldorf, February 26 – March 02

Real metal surfaces for sophisticated interior designs
Homapal shows the European Collection at Euroshop 2023

By harnessing the power of metals, interior designers can combine expressive aesthetics and haptics with outstanding durability and functionality. This is where these materials – with their unique ability to work harmoniously with other elements and interact with their surroundings – truly shine.  At Homapal, our mission has always been to unlock the special beauty of real metals. The European collection combines novel decors with further evolutions of our existing products.

During EuroShop 2023 Homapal metal laminates find themselves in a harmonius and innovative dialogue with the high-tech materials from Formica® und FENIX® in the installation „Surfaces with a view”. These three brands belong to Broadview, a leading global group in surface materials.

Inspirational tools for creative planning
For the European collection, the surface specialist has developed some new decors – and updated some proven ones with new textures. The company now offers more than 140 real metal laminates that cover a creative spectrum ranging from classic to modern, from industrial chic to handcrafted. Homapal’s new sales tools effectively convey their premium visual and haptic values and also express its lofty goal: “Shaping Emotions in Interiors”. Five integrated folders divide the products into the following areas: “Elements”, “Gestures”, “Perspectives”, “Magnetic & Boards” and “SRM”.

In addition, there is a brochure and a folding map that provides an overview. As well as the box, Homapal has also created a fanswatch that combines all metals, magnets and “SRM” surfaces in one tool for the first time.

„Elements“ – for indoor spaces with outstanding liveability
The decors in the “Elements” range are all about the expressive power of pure metal – shiny and full of energy, cool but with the ability to give warmth; with a dynamic interplay of light and reflection. Bronze, rosé, sky blue, silver and gold – these basic colours with their brushed surfaces focus on the essentials and represent the four elements of fire, water, air and earth. They are supplemented by carefully selected shades with typical metal textures that capture subtle nuances and add vibrant diversity.

„Gestures“– unique surfaces for unmistakable designs
The individual “Gestures” are created at the Homapal factory, where our experts devote the necessary time to the traditional metal-finishing process. No two surfaces are alike. Everything is created from scratch, using manual techniques, as if by the hand of an artist. The result is an initial, fleeting gesture that becomes permanently anchored in the consciousness.

„Perspectives“ – vibrant tension
The surfaces in our “Perspectives” range seem to come from another world. Imaginative, lively and exciting, they develop a special allure that overcomes one’s reluctance to touch. Formed organically, developed mathematically or derived from the necessity of industrial requirements – “Perspectives” invites you to discover the diversity of the world, to observe and feel it from different, even alien perspectives.

„Magnetic & Boards“– communicative surfaces
Magnetic boards from Homapal set the stage for communication and presentation. They make it easier to visualise concepts, write down ideas, explain trains of thought. Whether maps, posters or plans are attached to the magnetic boards as mind-mapping prompts, or notes are jotted on their writable surfaces using board markers and chalk – everything can be effortlessly removed afterwards without leaving a trace. In the world of shopfitting, these magnetic boards bring flexibility and authenticity to any presentation.

„SRM“– real metals as easy-care highlights for tables and counters
Real metal surfaces that are completely oblivious to punishing use and impervious to scratches or fingerprints offer interior designers a new dimension. Thanks to these hard-wearing properties, they can also be used on horizontal surfaces without hesitation. Homapal has developed the “SRM – Scratch-Resistant Matt” surface for this purpose.

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Euroshop 2023 - Surfaces with a view
Euroshop 2023 - Real metal surfaces for sophisticated interior designs
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