Euroshop 2023 - Surfaces with a view


EuroShop 2023, Düsseldorf, February 26 – March 02

EuroShop 2023, Düsseldorf, Germany | February 26 – March 02

Surfaces with a view 

From February 26 to March 02 in Düsseldorf, Germany, the exhibition space “Surfaces with a view” will reveal the strong synergies among companies and brands of Broadview Holding, a leading global group in surface materials. For the first time at EuroShop, Homapal®, FENIX® and Formica®, together with other Group’s brands, will show the harmonious and innovative dialogue between their different materials through retail spaces and more.

Recalling the magnificent architecture of a Belle Époque commercial gallery, the “Surfaces with a view” exhibition space explores the interaction between the materials and unexpected combinations that can provide functional and aesthetic answers to retail environments. The passage connects the different areas and metaphorically represents the ideal trait-d’union among the brands.

The exhibition project is signed by Zanellato/Bortotto studio jointly with Musa, the Group’s creative hub for marketing and communication. The project inaugurates a year-long collaboration with the Italian studio that will characterise the brands’ exhibition and events for 2023.

The Commercial Gallery
Located in Hall 13/A04, the commercial gallery reveals four separate yet interconnected areas: the FENIX Restaurant, the Formica Shop, the Homapal Hotel and the Surfaces Theatre. Each one of the first three spaces is dedicated to a retail application, featuring the naming brand in dialogue with its two co-protagonists as well as with other materials from the Group. In the last one, the Theatre, all surfaces come together to offer an immersive experience.

The Homapal Hotel
Soft natural tones characterise the Homapal Hotel. Here, circular coffee tables around a central shelf counter and an arched bookcase create a cosy environment. Inspired by Wes Anderson cinematics’ atmosphere and colour pleasing effect, this hospitality space gives a sense of comfort and well-being. The interior architecture is masterfully created with Homapal® finest metallic surfaces, complemented by accents made of Arpa surfaces, Getacore® and X-KIN® innovative wall coverings for interior design.

The FENIX Restaurant
Among counters and stools, squared tables and benches, an Art-Nouveau atmosphere is brought into the contemporary look of the FENIX restaurant. By entering the timeless chromatic palette, visitors will feel embraced by the surfaces visually and tactilely, also experiencing the surprise of complementary bright elements. The design is strongly marked by FENIX® innovative materials for interior design featuring Arpa high quality surfaces and Getacore® solid surfaces.

The Formica Shop
Joie de vivre and vibrant energy are the Formica Shop’s key features. The functional design mixes fluted column sections, giving shape to elegant pedestals and counter, and a shelf product display which extends over the ceiling as a pergola. A playful palette of pink, green and silver nuances invites visitors in this lively retail space. Formica® laminates’ defining character is complemented with Arpa, Getacore® and X-KIN® .

The Surfaces Theatre
The elements of nature turn into elements of scenography within the Surfaces Theatre. Gathering on stage intense tones of sea and ground, sand and vegetation, a composition of multiple geometries, linear and sinuous, gives life to an immersive mise-en-scene, where visitors will experience a further interaction among the selected surface materials of the Group: FENIX®, Formica®, Homapal®, Arpa.

Sustainability first
For the Group and its companies, sustainability is embedded in the business philosophy. Reducing the carbon footprint is based on the core belief that it is the right thing to do. We are also convinced that reducing the overall environmental footprint is essential to the long-term success of our business and the environment around us. In 2021, an important milestone was achieved with the carbon neutrality for FENIX® innovative materials.

The Strength of Synergies
The companies and brands of the Group are an ideal partner for projects in the retail environment as they offer a wide selection of products with an extensive distribution network. There are over 100 years of experience and knowledge, with a focus on innovation and sustainability. Long-term partners that promote sustainable growth and value creation.

Homapal GmbH, with approximately 80 employees, produces and sells laminates with special surfaces of real metal and magnetic boards at its facility in Herzberg, Germany. The focus is on high quality decorative interior design. With its product range, this manufacturer is an appealing choice for trade fair, shop fitting and furniture builders. Homapal products are ideal for use in shops, hotels, doctors' surgeries, on cruise ships, in bars, restaurants and clubs - wherever surfaces are to be refined with elegant surfaces.

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