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Homapal at “Haus Amandum” in Oranienburg

Built by the Oranienburger Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft (OWG) in the residential complex „Weiße Stadt“ at the end of 2020, this is not a care home in the conventional sense. The “Haus Amandum” concept is based on an intergenerational profile offering people who need care and assistance a new supported way of living. Poschmann Design, Premnitz, developed the interior design concept working with real metal decor from Homapal.

OWG is putting its own social aspirations into practice in the shape of “Haus Amandum”. According to the motto “Togetherness beats loneliness”, it offers tenants who are no longer able to run their own household alone the opportunity to live a high quality, self-determined life in a new and safe home – without having to change landlords.

84 climate-controlled individual rooms with ensuite bathrooms provide private space. In addition, there are numerous offers of help and comfort, as well as opportunities to meet people of all ages and do things together. Spacious communal rooms, kitchens for cooking together, an in-house restaurant, an outpatient nursing service, medical care, and 24-hour on-call service. Plus a hairdresser, chiropody, physiotherapy, and a laundry and cleaning service. As a special feature, a day care centre where interaction with senior citizens take place in the form of reading mentorships, cooking or art work groups.

Real brass as an eyecatcher

For Poschmann Design, the multi-generational togetherness house “Amandum” in Oranienburg is seen as a pilot project. The furnishings specialist beautifully managed the difficult task of pleasing all generations with their interior design. They made good use of the real metal decor “500/491 Brass Plain Antique” from Homapal. Applied horizontally and vertically over the entire surface of the counter and the room dividers, it is used throughout the common rooms as a connective theme. The handmade design creates shiny, recurring eye-catchers, celebrating the synergy between natural woods, planted walls, textiles and wallpaper in fresh colours, pastel shades, or plain colours.

The fronts of the room dividers are also practical as they are covered with the magnetic board “8225 Stone Grey Matt”. Notices, information, or works of art created in the communal activities can easily be displayed here using magnets.


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Intergenerational go-between