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Living in the forest - holiday home in Aalter

At this place - in the middle of the forests of Aalter - there was previously an archetypal chalet that served as a holiday home. In order to maintain the holiday character, it was decided to keep the size of the existing chalet and to expand it using the rhythm of the roofs. The roofs were designed with profiled wood, typical for a holiday home character. The living areas - a sequence of living room, dining room and kitchen – offer a perfect view to the surrounding fauna and flora, especially through the generous use of large window fronts. The bedrooms are at the back and face the sheltered garden areas. In between there is a bathroom and the sauna, which open up to the garden.

Golden accents in the facade create a warm natural touch in the green context of the forest and were used discreetly in the outer facade. In the interior of the building -  in the reception area or in the living and dining room - the visitor is repeatedly exposed to the skillfully staged play of warm gold tones and natural materials. The HOMAPAL metal decor 434 Alu Crossbrushed Goldtone was also implemented in the wall area of ​​the kitchen, which integrates perfectly into the colour concept. As in many interior projects, gold stands for a little luxury and extravagance, here it also reflects the warm light of the sun that floods gently broken through the trees into the interior. The rich gold has a similar effect as a warm shade of yellow: communicative and connecting, but also classy and simply elegant. Gold has a psychologically calming component because it is associated with security and warmth. The use of gold in this project has been carefully measured and thus implemented extremely successfully.


Golden accents created with HOMAPAL Decor 434 Alu Crossbrushed Goldtone.

Photographer: Giulia Frigerio (http://www.giuliafrigerio.com)

Architects: Basil Architects (https://basil.archi/)