Attractive & safe: HOMAPAL Fire protection system
High Pressure Laminate (HPL) DIN EN 438-3
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Attractive & safe: HOMAPAL Fire protection system

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Attractive & safe: A2-solution Fire Protection elements from Homapal in the Allee Center Magdeburg

35,000 square metres, three floors, up to 150 shops, restaurants and service areas, plus 23 flats and around 7,000 square metres of office space: the Allee-Center has contributed significantly to the revitalisation of Magdeburg’s city centre and is one of the largest shopping attractions in the region. The mall logged around 29,000 visitors daily before the outbreak of the pandemic. The planners, Hamburg-based ECE Group GmbH & Co. KG, are pursuing a strategy of both meeting the high fire safety requirements and using the design to create an attractive focal point for shopping, eating and strolling in a pleasant atmosphere. 

With system solutions specially designed for fire protection, Homapal shows that safe function and good design are not mutually exclusive.  Together with Knauf Design, Wolpertshausen, the company developed  the A2-Solution. The non-combustible composite element, certified according to A2-s1, dO DIN EN 13501-1, consists of a gypsum fibre board and a decorative laminate coating classified according to DIN EN 438-1 and EN 438-9. In the Allee-Center in Magdeburg, the A2-Solution offers a high level of safety as a parapet element, for example in the light well area, as wall cladding in the experience and food court area and as a backlit wood decor element in the entrances to the multi-storey car park. 

Inspired by Nature

The design of the elements, inspired by natural materials, illustrates the potential of the Homapal A2-Solution, which goes far beyond the fire protection function. “Rural Oak” plays out its power as an authentic oak decor, which is also found in the furniture in the relaxation zones. In addition to the individual nature motifs dominated by green and yellow, which set lively accents, a warm and cosy interior atmosphere is created.

From a sustainability point of view as well, the Homapal laminate fits well with the philosophy of ECE, which manages the Allee-Center. With all its shopping centres, the company always keeps an eye on holistic urban development, which includes economic efficiency, energy efficiency and resource protection as well as the use of sustainable building materials for environmentally and climate-friendly buildings. 

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