Shaping emotions in interiors

Genuine metal and magnetic attraction

Finest metal surfaces. Made in Germany.

Shaping emotions in interiors
More than just a laminate

Tradition meets innovation

Shaping emotions in interiors
Genuine metal. Copper, Brass, Aluminum and stainless steel

Unique look and feel

Shaping emotions in interiors
Modern logistics to deliver metals all over the world

from the very heart of Germany - Herzberg

Shaping emotions in interiorsAbout us

HOMAPAL - a name which has been synonymous with innovative products "Made in Germany" for decades. Homapal GmbH, with approximately 80 employees, produces and sells laminates with special surfaces of real metal and magnetic boards at its facility in Herzberg, Germany. The focus is on high quality decorative interior design. products are ideal for use in shops, hotels, doctors' surgeries, on cruise ships, in bars, restaurants and clubs - wherever surfaces are to be refined with elegant surfaces. They offer architects, planers and carpenters a broad range for creative applications. 

Thanks to our diverse ranges and broad sprectrum of colours and decors, which are continuously developed and adapted in line with the latest market trends, our solutions offer an almost unlimited scope for creativity and customization. 

Customer focus

Satisfying our customers is not only our aim, but also what motivates us and a benchmark of quality. We are aware of and meet the expectations of our customers and take responsibility for dealing with the issues that concern them. We value honest and open communication. This approach helps us to build trust and create long-lasting partnerships. 


We treat each other with appreciation and respect. We view problems and mistakes as challenges that we tackle together in a constructive and professional way. This is true of how we interact with our business partners, as well as the way we work together within the company.

Reliability & quality

Quality is our top priority. This stems from tradition, know-how and innovation. The satisfaction of our customers is how we measure the quality of our products. We are a reliable partner for our business associates and support one another in reaching our goals. We strive to continuously improve the quality and level of service we offer by means of a continuous improvement process that involves every member of the team.


For us, safety means: “If there is a better way to do something, good is not enough.” Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Efficient occupational safety and effective accident prevention are particularly important for maintaining safe and humane working conditions and are therefore a vital component of our corporate culture. We show appreciation for our employees by providing them with workplaces and machines that are as safe as they can possibly be. We want our employees to feel as though they are in safe hands.


We take responsibility for our actions. We make promises that we can keep. We are conservative in our use of resources when it comes to our products and have a sense of responsibility towards our environment. We take responsibility for our employees, who are expected to be fair, professional and helpful, while assuming responsibility for their own actions.


We come up with new ideas by monitoring and analysing market and social trends. We focus our efforts on anticipating the needs of our customers early on and create added value by offering innovative products. When developing new sustainable products and services, or improving existing ones, we benefit from the expertise of every member of our team.