Handmade brass decor  in the counter system
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Handmade brass decor in the counter system

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Pastry shop “Frötsch” in Stralsund: Handmade brass decor  in the counter system

Far up in the north of Germany, in the traditional Hanseatic city of Stralsund located in beautiful Mecklenburg Western Pomerania, the shopfitting company Hanse-Ladenbau took on the challenge of planning a pastry shop covering an area of 170 m² in an old brick house with a historical stepped gable. The challenge included the extreme ceiling-height jumps from 5.30 m to 2.50 m in the guest room, and six massive pillars in the middle of the room. Furthermore, it was necessary to soften the blow of the long walking distances for the staff. The shopfitters used genuine metal in the two-sided bar to match the colour scheme of dark brown, violet and gold. They used the Homapal decor “500/491 brass plain antique” for this.  

The name Homapal corresponds synonymous with surfaces finished with genuine metals.

Large laminating processes for industrially manufactured decors are located in the production halls at the Herzberg am Harz facility in Germany. But next to these, there is an area that is slightly hidden and is largely unknown to many: the manufactory. Here, just a few employees refine some of the metal decorations by hand. It is not without reason that the HOMAPAL employees call this area the “Picasso department”. 

There are not any large machines here, just people and panels, thinly rolled foils of aluminium, stainless steel, copper and brass. Sanding, dabbing, colour intensification - the “manual workers” give the metals a structure, polish them mechanically, coat them with a UV protective varnish or colour them by hand. The intensive mechanical techniques create unique pieces that appear to be the work of artists. The panels thus offer a unique feel and, together with their diverse range of colours and striking gloss, an extraordinary appearance - a perfect combination for distinctive designs. These special decors are ideal for developing decorative unique selling points in furniture and interior design and to add value to very inconspicuous objects. The lacquering protects the decor, intensifies the colouring and makes it more robust for vertical use, even in highly-frequented areas. Homapal metal laminates are flame retardant in accordance with the IMO rules and classified as B-s1, d0 in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1: 2010-01 (with the exception of HOMAPAL® SRM). With these characteristics, they are suitable for interior design in shipbuilding and shop fitting, in hotels and restaurants, where they set accents on doors, walls and furniture. 

The new, innovative HOMAPAL® SRM Scratch Resistant Matt collection, which is ideal for the use of metals in horizontal applications thanks to the extreme scratch-resistance and anti-fingerprint properties, also includes seven hand-crafted decors in the range.

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